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Hand Massage

The effectiveness of Rachel's reflexology is amazing and I cannot thank her enough. Her touch is so light and soothing. But still applying enough pressure to specific points to get the desired results. She has helped with my sleep pattern, stress levels, back, neck and shoulder pain, digestive and bowel problems. I highly recommend Rachel.


Reflexology Therapy

I highly recommend Rachel to anyone. I have now had 8 sessions with her and have felt an immediate improvement not only on the day but for the weeks in between sessions. I came to Rachel with extremely painful feet and suffered from shoulder pain. Through these reflexology sessions I felt immeasurably better. Rachel is friendly, kind natured and very professional, who for me delivers the most relaxing and amazing reflexology treatments I have ever experienced. Looking forward to my next treatment.


Yoga at Home

A delightful and de-stressing experience in a lovely quiet and calming atmosphere. We thoroughly enjoyed our sessions which were very carefully and sensitively done, and felt totally relaxed, even falling asleep! The sessions certainly helped alleviate pain and tension in the neck due to whiplash injury some time ago. We would highly recommend reflexology as an affective and very pleasant antidote to the hustle and bustle of life.

M & P McP

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