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A Big Hello From Me

I’m delighted to be able to drop in for a quick chat as it’s great to be finally starting my reflexology business. I was raring to go last year and then Covid happened. The world changed and plans and dreams turned upside down.

Despite everything, my lasting memory of this strange year will be of having the luxury of TIME. But what do you do with all this time?

Well, who could resist the cheeky chappy in the fancy dress? Along with thousands of school children, I have to admit to jumping up and down to Joe Wicks each week with a group of lovely ladies via Zoom; I even bought the tee shirt.

Like many people, I dusted off my walking boots in an attempt to get some daily fresh air and exercise, both of which are good for your wellbeing. So I joined a couple of online walking groups to give some purpose to my daily dog walks and to ensure I did actually walk them daily and also to give me had an excuse to leave the house.

You can probably remember the shortage of flour and sugar as the nation took to baking. I never did learn to bake bread and I’m still a bit scared of yeast, but I did bake a lot of cakes which led me to having to take a month off from cake eating in March. Happily, March has ended!

With the ‘stay at home/stay local’ message so many of us have really missed the things we love doing most. For me, one of my passions is swimming. Swimming really is my happy place so this has been the biggest challenge for me. I’m so pleased that we can meet outside and travel a little further now and have already wave jumped at the coast and wallowed in the river. For me, the water is where calm is restored.

I think technology has been one of the biggest surprises as we all got to grips with Zoom, Tick Tock and numerous box sets to binge watch. Who knew there was so much to learn and so many people to meet! I’ve been able to add to my reflexology skills completing a Mindful Reflexology course focusing on offering support for clients suffering with stress, anxiety and depression. I also qualified as a Mental Health First Aider.

Not expecting to have a 3rd lockdown, I had started to think about returning to work at the end of last year and liked the idea of having my own space to work from. So in Autumn 2020, what can only be described as a cross between Lego and Stickle Bricks was delivered and we constructed the cabin that has become my reflexology room. I’m really pleased with the results and my family have been very happy to try it out! My cabin allows me to offer a little sanctuary of calm where you can relax and enjoy the benefits of reflexology. And of course, all the necessary preparations are in place to ensure that the room is Covid-safe and I follow all the required protocols.

As we slowly move forward to a more normal kind of life with less restrictions and more freedom, I really look forward to welcoming you to my cosy cabin. And if you have any questions about reflexology and how it may benefit you then I would be happy to chat to you some more


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